One-Envelope Christmas Organization Method

This year Christmas is looking a little different. Myself, along with many others, are doing majority of holiday shopping online. Usually, I like to shop in person, as I enjoy Christmas shopping as a holiday activity with family and friends throughout the season.

Online shopping while easy and quick, presents itself with some organizational hurdles. Where did you order from? Who is the gift for? Has it shipped? Have you paid? When will it arrive? How can I return the item need be? All of these questions and uncertainties were floating around in my head, so I decided to stream line via organization (my favourite thing to do!) .

Here is what I came up with:

The One Envelope Method

In my stash of office supplies I found this red binder envelope with snap closure and back pocket. I thought this would be perfect to store receipts, as well as the “Christmas Gift Tracker” I created. This envelope was from the dollar store, but you can find similar (affiliate link) ones online or at your local dollar or office store.

Of course, no organization project is ever complete without a label! To customize my envelope I labeled it using my DYMO labeller (affiliate link) and added some green stickers for festivity.

DYMO Label Maker
In the back pocket I store the Christmas Gift Tracker

I created this on Pages – but you could also create something like this on Excel or Canva! You could customize the headings to be applicable to your needs, I included Recipient, Gift, Website, Price, Date Ordered, Date Shipped, and Date Received. To embellish the list I added a watercolour PNG which I bought years ago (I apologize I cannot find the artist again).

So far, this method has kept me on top of deliveries I have coming in and what is still outstanding. It is also a great way to see “at a glance” how balanced your buying has been, perhaps you need a few more things for one person or you have gone a little overboard for someone else.

You can have this on hand over the holidays should you need to access a receipt etc. Also, at the end of the season you can tuck this away and access it again next year to go over your past spending and gifts given! It’s a win – win. Cheap, simple, practical! Let me know if you give this a try.

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