Make Your Own Recipe Binder

As I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate the special memories that are formed in the kitchen. So many great moments in life happen while cooking with friends and family, sharing food and learning recipes from loved ones.  

I had been mentally compiling these special memories and realized that I could create a recipe book as a form of memory keeping!  

What you’ll need:

I decided to go the simple route and create my book using a basic office binder, laminated pocket dividers and sheet protectors. I bought everything at Staples – you can also find similar on Amazon:

Navy Blue 2″ Binder (affiliate link)

Tab Sheet Protector Dividers (affiliate link)

Sheet Protectors (affiliate link)

Get Creative

To make your binder extra special, I think it is fun to choose a style theme to use for the cover and dividers. Look for some inspiration for your personal cookbook. These are some that inspired me:

In order to design my binder I looked to google and my favourite user friendly design tool, Canva, to make the dividers and cover. I knew I wanted to have the country-esque watercolour look for my illustrations. I must admit this was the most time consuming part of creating the binder. I scoured the internet for available free use vector images that all matched in style. An alternative to this would be buying a bundle of matching watercolour vectors in your desired style. Here is how it turned out:

Memory Keeping with Recipes

One of my intentions with the recipe binder was to capture some special memories tied to the recipes and dishes. I only have recipes in here that I have personally made, or someone has made and shared with me. If my friend is sending me a recipe, I will put it in the binder in their exact words, it adds to the memory keeping aspect! For each recipe I include a picture of the item when I made it. For example, here is a cornbread I made for my cottage neighbourhood’s annual “Rib-fest” party:

You don’t have to use sheet protectors, but I choose to keep the paper safe in the kitchen while cooking!

This is a simple, effective way to organize your recipe collection – and it sparks a lot of joy to flip through! I look forward to using this as the years go by, and hopefully pass it on down the road to keep these special memories alive.

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