Laundry Room Organization

Week One: A Bowl Full Of Lemons “14-Week Organization Challenge”

For the first week of the organization challenge, participants organized their Laundry rooms, or laundry space (whatever that may be). For me, it was my parent’s laundry room as I am home for the holidays and not in my own space. They have a beautiful home, so this was a treat!


The laundry room wasn’t in horrible shape, but it definitely was in need of some decluttering and new systems. Like anyone, when you live in a space and use it everyday, things get out of place and clutter accumulates. Here is what it looked like before:


To begin the process I took everything out of the cupboards and shelves to evaluate what was staying and what needed to be moved, tossed, etc. Once the space was cleared I cleaned the shelves to start with a fresh blank slate.

Next, I took inventory of what bins and baskets I would need. I grouped like items (floor cleaning, candle back stock, paper products) and measured the cabinets and shelves to make sure everything I got would fit.

All bins I found were from Dollarama, but you could find similar on Amazon or The Container Store as well.

Seasonal Table Linens & Laundry Detergents
Floor Cleaning, Multipurpose Cleaners and Cleaning Rags
Sewing & Outdoor Entertaining

Overall, I am thrilled with how it turned out! More importantly – my Mom is happy as well. I hope the systems work well for her and she can enjoy her beautiful laundry room even more now!

Next week’s challenge is the Office, I am looking forward to that one as I will be back home and in my personal office (which I love!!). You can check back next week to see how that goes.

This Organization is hosted by the incredible and inspiring A Bowl Full Of Lemons – be sure to check out her blog for more on the challenge!

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