6 Lifestyle Creators You Should Follow

I follow a ton of fantastic content creators that share useful, positive and inspiring content – and these are my favourites! Hopefully this post leads you to a new fav.

All photos courtesy of respective creators.

Toni Hammersley, A Bowl Full Of Lemons

Toni is a blogger, author and shop owner! I follow her for her incredible organization challenge, home inspiration, and gorgeous photos! I am constantly inspired by Toni’s home and lifestyle content.

Blog: A Bowl Full Of Lemons

Instagram: @abowlfulloflemons

Store: French Mercantile

Christopher Allen, Youtuber

Christopher is the guru of all things kindness, positivity and home. I follow Christopher for his Vlogs where he, his husband Steven and their dog Bubbas share their life. They live in a beautiful home which is constantly being re-imagined by Christopher and his love for DIYs.

Youtube: Christopher Allen

Instagram: Cristopher Allen

Carly Riordan, Blogger

I’ve been following Carly for a long time. She started as a blogger sharing her NYC living experience and all things “preppy” and now she has grown up, gotten married and is now expecting her first baby! Carly is classy, elegant and inspires me to be the same.

Blog: Carly Riordan

Instagram: Carly A. Riordan

Nikki Boyd, At Home With Nikki

Nikki was the first organizer I followed. She does amazing organization videos, DIYS and has great tips for entrepreneurs. Nikki has her own home organization business as well!

Blog: At Home With Nikki

Instagram: At Home With Nikki

Youtube: At Home With Nikki

Jennifer Ross, Pretty Neat Living

I have been following Jen for a decade or more! She started out with multiple Youtube channels focusing on organization, planners, vlogs and hauls. She later added a fantastic blog and today she continues to share her journey on Youtube and Instagram. She is honest, open and inspiring!

Youtube: Pretty Neat Living

Instagram: Pretty Neat Living

Blog: Pretty Neat Living

Samantha, Happily A Housewife

Another creator I’ve been following for ages! She is a Youtuber who is all about keeping it real. She lives with her Husband and three kids and shares their lives as they navigate work, school, competitive sports. I mostly love her vlogs and planner content.

Youtube: Happily A Housewife

Instagram: Happily A Housewife

Blog: Happily A Housewife

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