Home Office Organization

Week Two: A Bowl Full Of Lemons “14-Week Organization Challenge”

For the second week of the organization challenge, participants organized their home office or office type space. My designated office space is my apartment’s “Den”, which is a pretty small space that doubles as a guest room when I have people visiting. I already have decent organization in this space, however, I do sometimes get in the habit of using it as a dumping ground … which you will see in the before photos.


My office isn’t large, it is comprised of an antique pine table, and Pottery Barn Daily system which I got for an incredible deal. On the opposite wall I have an Ikea fold out couch that turns into a queen bed for guests!


The first thing I did was go through everything in my office. The main challenge was sorting through all of my paper I’ve been holding onto – mail, paid bills that I have digital versions of, and just things that I’ve kept for far too long. Once I figured out what was staying and what was going I shredded, recycled, relocated and filed away into my current system.

To clean the office I took everything off the desk and shelving. Next I dusted and cleaned the surfaces. I also vacuumed before putting everything back. When placing everything back in it’s place I ended up restyling the shelves and also did some minor cable management.


Office Details

Incase you are curious, here are some of the things in my office pictured above!

Hanging Wall Organizer (Pottery Barn)

Wall Shelves (Pottery Barn)

Table Lamp (Ralph Lauren, can find on Ebay or other Re-selling sites)

What’s Next

I have aspirations to warm up my office space with more personal touches. This year, I plan to wallpaper and hang some art or a mirror to make the space feel more special. Also, I think I can streamline my filing system a bit more, but for now this is working for me!

This Organization is hosted by the incredible and inspiring A Bowl Full Of Lemons – be sure to check out her blog for more on the challenge!