Land’s End Canvas Tote Bag

This bag is perfect to me! It’s classic, timeless, practical and affordable. I first bought this over the summer and since then I have pretty much stopped using all my other bags. These bags have also become a gift I love to give, especially since you can monogram the bags to make them extra special!

This bag specifically is the Medium Natural Open Top Canvas Tote Bag in Natural/ True Navy (regular handle length). I chose to monogram mine in the classic style, but there is also a variety of images, symbols and font styles to chose from.

This bag is highly functional with ample pockets and built in organizational components. It can easily hold a laptop, planner, wallet, notebook – you name it!

Here is what I currently have stored in my Land’s End Tote, a good representation of what I keep in it on a daily basis:

  1. Mask
  2. Hand Sanitizer
  3. Pens
  4. Lip Balm
  5. Air Pod Pros
  6. Filofax A5 Organizer (previous post linked)
  7. Wallet
  8. Hair Clip
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Walking Pharmacy pouch
  11. Keys

I highly recommend this bag, whether it be for everyday use or travel, it is a great “do it all” bag! I plan to order more in various sizes, they also occasionally release new patterns and styles. Check out Land’s End’s site, another bonus is it seems there is always a sale of some kind going on!

** This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own

A Month in my Filofax

It’s officially been a full month of using my A5 Filofax Finsbury planner! Now that I have “settled in” to using this planner, I am excited to share some photos and updates on how it’s going.

Filofax A5 – Finsbury (Forest Green)

While setting up my planner I took major inspiration from Jen at Pretty Neat Living as well as Toni from A Bowl Full Of Lemons. I loved how both of them set up their respective Filofax planners so I incorporated their ideas with some of my own.

When you open up my planner on the inside left flap you will see my Franklin Covey pen (affiliate link), which I have had and used since probably 2012 – I LOVE it. In the zip pocket I keep some emergency cash. I usually keep my business card in the mesh ID pocket, but for privacy reasons I took it out for these photos. In the slotted pockets I keep an old set of Martha Stewart for Avery collection reposition-able tabs which I use to mark the month I am currently on. Finally, in the large pocket I keep a book of sticky notes.

In the back pocket I keep my Erin Condren perpetual calendar to keep track of birthdays.

In the coming months I may add some more personal and decorative touches, but only something very minimal.

Resting on top of my calendar pages is a clear zip pocket from Filofax. Here I keep my colour coding markers and highlighters. I use this pocket frequently, and it adds bulk when writing so I do not clip it into the rings. As my everyday writing pen i use Filofax’s erasable rose gold pen. This was a Christmas gift from my sister and I absolutely love it! The ink has a grey tone to it, so it appears somewhere between pencil and pen, and the eraser function truly does work.

In another clear slip pocket from Filofax I keep my monthly Yoga schedule, this one is the new February schedule from Yoga With Adreiene, check her out she is great for all levels!

Monthly & Weekly Pages

For monthly planning I used the Month on Two Pages inserts from Filofax. I use colour coding throughout (more about what I use in previous post). Down the left hand column I decided to track my daily yoga!

For daily planning I use Day on a Page inserts from Filofax. Down the left I use the timed columns to map out my days, and the right hand side for my to-do list.

So far, so good!

I am loving this system so far. A good sign to me is that I continue to use this planner everyday. The systems I have in place right now are both simple and functional, which proves to be the right balance at this time in my life. I will share how this planner evolves with me in the coming months. Happy planning!

Kitchen Organization

Week Three: A Bowl Full Of Lemons “14-Week Organization Challenge”

For the third week of the organization challenge, participants organized their kitchens! My kitchen is not huge, but has a lot of storage. The ceilings in my apartment are very high, allowing for the cupboards to span up more than a regular kitchen.

I recently re-organizaed my kitchen storage and the systems work well for me. Instead of re-organizaing my entire kitchen, I decided to focus on my problem area …. under the sink.


My under the sink space was extremely neglected, filled with nearly empty cleaning products, random clutter and over all just needed a good clean.


I started by clearing everything out from under the sink. I cleaned the inside of the cabinet and got rid of the old cabinet liners. Next I went through each item and decided if it needed to be tossed, kept, or moved to another spot in my home.

I ended up moving some bathroom cleaning and floor cleaning products to a different space and got rid of old cleaners that were almost empty.


The end result is much more streamlined and functional for everyday use. I put all cleaners in one bin together that is easy to grab and use as needed. I found stacking bins to store my most used items – dishwasher tabs, sponges as well as trash and recycling bags. I also found a bin to store my plastic shopping bags (I always try and use reusable shopping bags, but once in a while I end up with plastic ones).


Incase you are curious, here are some of the things in my sink storage pictured above!

Stacking Bins with Lids (Miniso)

Shopping Bag Storage Basket (Miniso)

Kitchen Overview

Join in the challenge!

This Organization is hosted by the incredible and inspiring A Bowl Full Of Lemons – be sure to check out her blog for more on the challenge!

Home Office Organization

Week Two: A Bowl Full Of Lemons “14-Week Organization Challenge”

For the second week of the organization challenge, participants organized their home office or office type space. My designated office space is my apartment’s “Den”, which is a pretty small space that doubles as a guest room when I have people visiting. I already have decent organization in this space, however, I do sometimes get in the habit of using it as a dumping ground … which you will see in the before photos.


My office isn’t large, it is comprised of an antique pine table, and Pottery Barn Daily system which I got for an incredible deal. On the opposite wall I have an Ikea fold out couch that turns into a queen bed for guests!


The first thing I did was go through everything in my office. The main challenge was sorting through all of my paper I’ve been holding onto – mail, paid bills that I have digital versions of, and just things that I’ve kept for far too long. Once I figured out what was staying and what was going I shredded, recycled, relocated and filed away into my current system.

To clean the office I took everything off the desk and shelving. Next I dusted and cleaned the surfaces. I also vacuumed before putting everything back. When placing everything back in it’s place I ended up restyling the shelves and also did some minor cable management.


Office Details

Incase you are curious, here are some of the things in my office pictured above!

Hanging Wall Organizer (Pottery Barn)

Wall Shelves (Pottery Barn)

Table Lamp (Ralph Lauren, can find on Ebay or other Re-selling sites)

What’s Next

I have aspirations to warm up my office space with more personal touches. This year, I plan to wallpaper and hang some art or a mirror to make the space feel more special. Also, I think I can streamline my filing system a bit more, but for now this is working for me!

This Organization is hosted by the incredible and inspiring A Bowl Full Of Lemons – be sure to check out her blog for more on the challenge!

Laundry Room Organization

Week One: A Bowl Full Of Lemons “14-Week Organization Challenge”

For the first week of the organization challenge, participants organized their Laundry rooms, or laundry space (whatever that may be). For me, it was my parent’s laundry room as I am home for the holidays and not in my own space. They have a beautiful home, so this was a treat!


The laundry room wasn’t in horrible shape, but it definitely was in need of some decluttering and new systems. Like anyone, when you live in a space and use it everyday, things get out of place and clutter accumulates. Here is what it looked like before:


To begin the process I took everything out of the cupboards and shelves to evaluate what was staying and what needed to be moved, tossed, etc. Once the space was cleared I cleaned the shelves to start with a fresh blank slate.

Next, I took inventory of what bins and baskets I would need. I grouped like items (floor cleaning, candle back stock, paper products) and measured the cabinets and shelves to make sure everything I got would fit.

All bins I found were from Dollarama, but you could find similar on Amazon or The Container Store as well.

Seasonal Table Linens & Laundry Detergents
Floor Cleaning, Multipurpose Cleaners and Cleaning Rags
Sewing & Outdoor Entertaining

Overall, I am thrilled with how it turned out! More importantly – my Mom is happy as well. I hope the systems work well for her and she can enjoy her beautiful laundry room even more now!

Next week’s challenge is the Office, I am looking forward to that one as I will be back home and in my personal office (which I love!!). You can check back next week to see how that goes.

This Organization is hosted by the incredible and inspiring A Bowl Full Of Lemons – be sure to check out her blog for more on the challenge!

Currently Loving: Erin Condren Life Planner

Erin Condren Life Planner in Modern Plaid with Gold Coil

Bright and Cheery

My favourite thing about the Erin Condren product line is their use of colour! I love the vivid colour schemes, playful fonts and stickers.

For 2020, I decided to customize my planner, the cover is Modern Plaid with a Gold Coil. The inside of my planner is a Horizontal layout.

$10 Off your First Erin Condren Purchase if you use this link to sign up and make a purchase, I will earn points towards Erin Condren products **

The Fun Stuff: Accessories

One of the many joys of planning is embellishing your planner with pens, markers, washi and stickers! Here are a few I love to use in my planner:

Highlighters: Mildliners by Zebra (affiliate link)

Markers: Paper Mate Flairs (affiliate link)

Sticker Binder: Krissyanne Designs x Michaels

I love this pencil case so much! It is so unique and sold by a small business on Etsy. The case has an area where you can display pins, a “secret” zip pocket to hold washi tape, and of course, an ample storage for all of your pens & highlighters.

Pencil Case: ZiZi and Me

If you are looking for a fun, cheery and not so expensive (cheaper than Filofax) option, then Erin Condren could be for you! They also have many different products in their range including Teacher Planners and Wedding Planners. Visiting their website alone is always a fun scroll!