A Month in my Filofax

It’s officially been a full month of using my A5 Filofax Finsbury planner! Now that I have “settled in” to using this planner, I am excited to share some photos and updates on how it’s going.

Filofax A5 – Finsbury (Forest Green)

While setting up my planner I took major inspiration from Jen at Pretty Neat Living as well as Toni from A Bowl Full Of Lemons. I loved how both of them set up their respective Filofax planners so I incorporated their ideas with some of my own.

When you open up my planner on the inside left flap you will see my Franklin Covey pen (affiliate link), which I have had and used since probably 2012 – I LOVE it. In the zip pocket I keep some emergency cash. I usually keep my business card in the mesh ID pocket, but for privacy reasons I took it out for these photos. In the slotted pockets I keep an old set of Martha Stewart for Avery collection reposition-able tabs which I use to mark the month I am currently on. Finally, in the large pocket I keep a book of sticky notes.

In the back pocket I keep my Erin Condren perpetual calendar to keep track of birthdays.

In the coming months I may add some more personal and decorative touches, but only something very minimal.

Resting on top of my calendar pages is a clear zip pocket from Filofax. Here I keep my colour coding markers and highlighters. I use this pocket frequently, and it adds bulk when writing so I do not clip it into the rings. As my everyday writing pen i use Filofax’s erasable rose gold pen. This was a Christmas gift from my sister and I absolutely love it! The ink has a grey tone to it, so it appears somewhere between pencil and pen, and the eraser function truly does work.

In another clear slip pocket from Filofax I keep my monthly Yoga schedule, this one is the new February schedule from Yoga With Adreiene, check her out she is great for all levels!

Monthly & Weekly Pages

For monthly planning I used the Month on Two Pages inserts from Filofax. I use colour coding throughout (more about what I use in previous post). Down the left hand column I decided to track my daily yoga!

For daily planning I use Day on a Page inserts from Filofax. Down the left I use the timed columns to map out my days, and the right hand side for my to-do list.

So far, so good!

I am loving this system so far. A good sign to me is that I continue to use this planner everyday. The systems I have in place right now are both simple and functional, which proves to be the right balance at this time in my life. I will share how this planner evolves with me in the coming months. Happy planning!