Kitchen Organization

Week Three: A Bowl Full Of Lemons “14-Week Organization Challenge”

For the third week of the organization challenge, participants organized their kitchens! My kitchen is not huge, but has a lot of storage. The ceilings in my apartment are very high, allowing for the cupboards to span up more than a regular kitchen.

I recently re-organizaed my kitchen storage and the systems work well for me. Instead of re-organizaing my entire kitchen, I decided to focus on my problem area …. under the sink.


My under the sink space was extremely neglected, filled with nearly empty cleaning products, random clutter and over all just needed a good clean.


I started by clearing everything out from under the sink. I cleaned the inside of the cabinet and got rid of the old cabinet liners. Next I went through each item and decided if it needed to be tossed, kept, or moved to another spot in my home.

I ended up moving some bathroom cleaning and floor cleaning products to a different space and got rid of old cleaners that were almost empty.


The end result is much more streamlined and functional for everyday use. I put all cleaners in one bin together that is easy to grab and use as needed. I found stacking bins to store my most used items – dishwasher tabs, sponges as well as trash and recycling bags. I also found a bin to store my plastic shopping bags (I always try and use reusable shopping bags, but once in a while I end up with plastic ones).


Incase you are curious, here are some of the things in my sink storage pictured above!

Stacking Bins with Lids (Miniso)

Shopping Bag Storage Basket (Miniso)

Kitchen Overview

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This Organization is hosted by the incredible and inspiring A Bowl Full Of Lemons – be sure to check out her blog for more on the challenge!